Website Design

Website Design

Astonishing as it may sound having kept my own website alive for about 12 years I have become quite proficient with website design, upkeep and integration. I have struggled with the pitfalls of technology and website advancement to the point of throwing my laptop across the room. 

The technology design is still advancing at a rapid rate and is only getting quicker. If you dont have a website with your own name or blog etc. Get one now! Facebook is cool but its not everything.

With your own website you get to express yourself differently. No need to worry about the length of your article or story. Dont worry about a like button or not getting one!

You can have the template of your choice for as little as $150 uploaded and ready to go. Here are a few examples of over 50 templates that I have available right now.

Maybe you prefer one for your car sales? This can also be done easily. We have them all available.

You can have your own website online in one day