[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t act so surprised, I had been considering this for a long time and even had a couple of tries but all failed to either hackers or my lack of enthusiasm 🙂

What is it I hope to achieve from having my own homepage? Vanity, Insecurity, Live Updates for the few that give a damn! LOL Not a great deal more than personal satisfaction and gratitude to say I made my own blog. I have a shit load to write and little to achieve by doing so but I intend to give it a jolly decent crack.

Dont not expect a literary genius for that will only end in tears. What I will discuss is life of my family as it calculates day by day, website work, coffee production and Japanese Car Exporting.

Keep an eye on this website as it maybe interesting for a few people who are as fucked up as I am 🙂

Graeme Cooke JapanGraeme Cooke Japan

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t expect too much or hope for anything revolutionary but I hope it is somewhat fun and entertaining. For all the haters out there. You know what to do!

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