bored son and a weary father. Recently on a trip to Thailand, My son and I on our first trip together stayed in Bangkok. It was not a trip like you think as he is only 15 and I have been there more times than I care to think and am somewhat over the seedy experience of it all. 

It was always going to be an interesting trip as we only had three days and one day was to leave the place so that left us with two. We had a set plan day one to go to the Bangkok Dental Institute and the other was free.
What to do in Bangkok with a 15 year old boy. The options are limitless if you want to drag him around

I spoke with my wife that night and china town was decided upon

We awake bright and early day two after a long sleep from our journey the previous day. A swim is in order at the pool. By the way we are at the Swissotel LeConcorde. The pool is on the 5th floor from memory and is nearly always empty.

Hell no not today. There was some Chinese mafia dude there and his posy and kid who may have been 13 or so. It was obvious he was Kingpins son. A chubby little boy who could not shut up and was running around the pool looking for gold or turtles. As the morning progressed the group tired and looked like they were heading out. Relieved my boy and I sat back on our chairs for a little rest and pollution. From behind us we here a young Chinese dialect and we smile at each other and turn around only to see a naked fat Chinese boy standing 2 feet away full monty. WTF my boy says!

The kids says my name is blah blah etc in his best English and I compliment him on trying. He continues now in Chinese with something wiggling about every time he gets excited. Enough is enough and I give him my towel which he throws to the ground and runs away. Yehaa, freedom.

Watch Out For The Full Monty


China Town Here We Come

The morning progresses and we decide to grab a cab and head on off to China town. The cab ride was a bit of a non event and we ended up in China Town somewhat saddened by our taxi drivers lack of interest in ripping us off. What a disappointment not to have an argument in the cab.

Maybe It Was To Early

The Smells Hit You Before You See The Streets And The Area Seems To Get Lost In A Time Warp And I Was Expecting Jackie Chan To Jump Out Anytime.

We exit the cab into the underbelly of Thailand China Town. I have been to China and Hong Kong on numerous occasions and for some reason I couldn’t relate the experience to this China Town. Its a mixture of all blended with that Thai smell or my imagination.









We start walking and I ask my boy if he wants to eat something? Looking at me he says “Are you crazy” Little does he realise the gorgeous food that sits in 50% of the street shops from pig parts to hanging ducks.

One day hopefully he will taste these wonderful Asian flavors and say “Shit the old man was correct again”

As we wander down the streets at somewhat of a crackling pace given the heat I spot an alley that looks enchanting and seedy at the same time and we dart on down. It narrows and gets darker as we go deeper. It really only 3 people wide and a pass by a scooter occasionally. Little red lamps glow on the floor in the back of shops full of boxes that look like something from Big Trouble In Little China. 

People are cleaning, talking and eating, and I think how simple things are for them as they go about this 365 days of the year waiting for the night to come and to fleece some unsuspecting tourist. We continue down this ally for what seems like 1 kilometer but I think more like 300 meters as we see a light near the end

I soon hear “I want to get out of here” coming from my son. Looking at him he looks like he is about to fall from a cliff only there is no cliff. Struck with fear he is.

Having to take my boys feelings in consideration I suggest a cab to him and he sweaty but reluctantly agrees (as if we have another option lol) There are no cabs in sight but a large building about 1 kilometer away and we head towards it as there will be people there and cabs.

Blow and behold we get a cab immediately and the price back to the hotel was more the ok. The cab has no clutch, no teeth, bad breath, no carpet or aircon and only what appears to be 3 gears and its driver appears to be 90 years old. My boy loves this cab and the driver. I am scared shitless. Amazing how things change through the generations.