Nikka Whiskey From The Barrel. Wow you gotta love whiskey 🙂

Today I drove to Costco again for yet another spend and some Nikka Whiskey. Yes another! Costco never lets me down with something new that I dont need but absolutely want. Initially I was tempted for a new Drone but I have two sitting in the garage unused so that was a no go.
This Costco Drone was so cool.

Having two DJI Drones which are both Phantoms sitting idle in the garage i was in no position for a new one

DJI Drone at Costco
DJI Drone at Costco

Christmas at Japanese Costco

Its Christmas in Japan and the Japanese know absolutely nothing about the origins of Christmas, but holy heck do they love buying Christmas crap. I am not over-reacting here! They call Santa- Santa San and dont know about the reindeer or his sled or shit like that. They wouldn’t even know about the elves. But this is great for Costco! This place is full of Christmas crap that they know the Japanese will buy in the trolley full, and good on them.

Never underestimate the buying power of a Japanese wallet and when they want something. Costco has certainly not forgotten this buying power and updates the lineup of Christmas and Halloween crap as often as possible.

Why Love Costco?

I am struggling to think of a reason not to love Costco and come up empty.

I realise that this rant started with Nikka whiskey. But it was never about the whiskey and was always about Costco and my blind desire to continue shopping there.

Having gone there so frequently over the past 6 years or so I know many of the staff by facial recognition. Yes they wear name badges but we remain on facial recognition terms which is way less complicated.

We can great each other and laugh that I have bought one of everything at one time or another over the years. 

Its great to be known by the staff. Even if you are new to Costco you are always treated with a warm greeting here in Japan. Yeah they want your money but they do it well.

Costco Chickens
Costco Roast Chickens

Don’t miss the roast chickens!

This is pure genius. Hot roast chicken on demand , but whatever you do dont think about getting one in Christmas. Roast chicken does not get better than this.

A few months ago I bought some fabulous AMERICAN STYLED Barbque thing from Costco named a “Pit Boss”. The thing is amazing with a ceramic body and great quality build. I have roasted about 8 chickens on it to date and ruined so much pork I hate to think. The Pit Boss is great but my skill is bad and its still hard to believe that a skilled Bar-b-q master will get close to that roast chicken on the shelf.

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Love your review

Hello GraemeI love whiskey like most red blooded Japanese do. Your review is fun and enlightening even though you didn't really talk about whisky. Please do a whisky review one day.