lost in translation for real!. For some people going to a different country How you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read and what dont means the difference between a great vacation or a not so great one. Try living in a country for nearly twenty years where not only the language is different and the culture and at the same time you have to feed your family.

Personally I dont speak a word of Japanese. Thats an exaggeration but close. Asking directions, buying a beer, telling someone to piss off is all quite easy. But most of the time I sit around waiting for my wife or another person to translate for me what is being said. 

Frequently at train stations you can ask the Station attendant where a particular station is and they will purposely direct you on the wrong track and wrong train just to get rid of you. 

Its crazy to think but it happens.  Personally I dont want to think it happens but it does. My rants are going crazy this morning and WordPress allows me to do so. I am sorry if you actually get to read this nonsense.

A few years during our lost period my wife and I were invited to the beach in the north of Chiba. We all arrived and laid our items down for a day of fun and sun. It was such a warm and glorious Japanese summer day that a splash in the warm Pacific Ocean was 100% on the table.

Having lived in New Zealand for some 40 years prior we are used to frolicking in the Pacific Ocean as its one of our national past times. The colder and deeper the better for us Kiwi’s I think most New Zealanders understand this. In New Zealand you only see a lifeguard in the case of emergencies and when you see him or her you know that you are possibly in deep shit.

So with this subliminal message in my mind I head out to the warm Japanese Pacific Ocean with the intention of a great frolic as I was accustomed to back in another small Island country.

The Japanese are all out there with their little rubber tires and hats laughing and having the times of their lives as they should and I decided to go a little deeper than their waste height that they seem to have chosen. As I get to about the 1 meter area I am approached by two life savers attempting to Shepherd me back to the waste high area under great protest from myself. I always thought that the ocean was free.

I head back quite insulted and explain everything to my wife who promptly tells me to get into line and accept that this is Japan and not New Zealand again as she does on a regular basis.
I am overly opinionated 

Its crazy to think now at 55 or 65 that I would be living in Japan but i am. however now i am  sitting in a hotel room in Thailand listening to my 15 year old son snore before the dentist.

Funny to say that not even 10% into this post I am already over it. Lazy as hell.

Happy couple
Style is much more interesting than fashion, really.

Travel With Friends All The Time

Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea that I would become a fashion designer. I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style.

I’ve treated the waistcoat as if it were a corset, so that it becomes the first layer in the process of putting clothes on the body. There is constant motion between layering and revealing.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

Take things that matter

Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.

I think it’s an old fashioned notion that fashion needs to be exclusive to be fashionable. I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style.

You’re only as good as your last collection, which is an enormous pressure. Elegance is not the thing of those who have just escaped from adolescence.You have a more interesting life if you wear cool cloths.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty.

Don’t miss the morning coffee!

I always thought what you wore underneath was as important as what you wear on top. Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.

War taught me that not everything is glamorous. I didn’t want to be a fashion designer, and for a good half of my career I didn’t like it. I always wanted to do other things.

When I was young, I lived like an old woman, and when I got old, I had to live like a young person.