Japan Car Auction Access. 

This page is your access to the Japanese Auto Auction system. Our page is free to enter and you will have access to over 50,000 to 60,000 cars per week offering you some of the best cars in the world. Please note that our auction system is 100% free until you buy a car.

Japanese Auto Auctions or Car Auctions depending on how you want to term them are spectacular not only in size but also in how they function. 

On any day at the auctions here in Japan there could be up to 5 to 10 thousand cars being displayed. These cars will either sell or be passed in on the same day. Some will disappear for ever and some may return.

As an Auction Agent or Buyer we can either attend the auction personally or bid on the cars from our office. Either way is easy with the later being easiest for us as a buyer. It pays to note that there are Auto Auctions all over Japan and having your agent go to each one is logistically impossible and financially not viable for the agent. If they say they can go to any agent be suspicious 🙂

Its good for you the car buyer to know and understand that Car Auctions here in Japan are not like Ebay or Yahoo where you can watch the auctions over a long period of time. Any car going through the system here will be processed from start to finish in 15 to 30 seconds. Thats it and once done that car is finished. 

Its takes only 15 to 30 seconds for a car to go through the auction system here in Japan

Get a good agent who is transparent with pricing and does not display fake cars on his website.

As a first time buyer or even an experienced buyer of cars from Japan the first key item to secure is a trust-able Auction Agent. Look for reviews of the person or company on the internet. Make sure the good out way the bad. Note that its pretty hard as an agent in this business not to have a poor review out there as many buyers expectations are far greater than we know and simply cant be satisfied. This is why I say if you only see bad reviews steer clear. If you see no reviews steer clear. Either all good or ensure the good out-way the poor.

Japanese Car Auctions
Japanese Car Auctions

Why are there so many cars at the Auctions

Japanese car manufacturers push their dealerships to offer incentives to buyers to keep their cars updated. The government also pushes for new cars to be on the road replacing old ones by making the taxes and registration for older cars higher and harder for young money conscious families to maintain.

This also promotes the manufacturing to increase and be steady. It promotes job growth and steady employment and allows you the buyer to have a new new car in good condition at a reasonable price sitting in your driveway. This is why we are supplying you with free Japan car auction access.

Keen to give buying from Japan a try!

Why not give it a shot if you haven’t already. You will get a great new car and have some fun along the way.

Yes I can help you as I am an auction agent and have been exporting cars from Japan for nearly 20 years. By using my website we give you free access to every car auction in Japan. Not only do you get free access we also translate the auction sheets plus give you a comprehensive guide through the entire process. 

Contact me today for more information at greame.cooke@autotraderimports.com

Japan Car Auction Access
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