How the Japanese Love Noddles

Japanese Noodles
Japanese Noodles

How the Japanese love noddles. This is a simple short post about the Japanese diet and yearning for Noodles and especially my wifes.

I am often asked by my wife “Do you want Japanese noodles tonight” I normally graciously decline as I have not as yet absorbed myself into the finer delicacy of the Noodle here. Surprisingly se will bang some concoction out is a matter of minutes for the family as I site there watching them devour its all.
Its all about the delicate flavors as we all know


Ok so it may make most Westerners turn nauseous to hear and Asian slurp or suck their noodles in but while in Asia note that its their territory and they can suck,slurp,and burp as much as they want. The sound is everything and vital. Trust me they are having a ball if there is sound coming from their direction.

Japanese Noodles
Japanese Noodles

The Eyes Say It All

One look at the eyes says it all. She was not posing or anything and even devoured my left overs. Actually the pictures are my left overs as I quietly appreciated the experience with my cold beer on hand.

I can only refer to my immediate family and the way that they treat the celebration of Japanese Noodles but I honestly think that they are simply generic Japanese. So I have to trust their nose and palette. The mother in law would walk over burning charcoal for a good noodle from her favorite area lol, and dont get in her way.

They say its a simple combination of the Noodle and the soup which will either be hot or cold and it is supposed to hit 5 taste buds in your mouth if its good. There is a 6th one also but I cant remember.

walking on hot coals for noodles
walking on hot coals for noodles

What do I think about these noodles?

Personally I dont give a damn about them as I have no fascination for the boring Soba Noodle unless its an Italian Spaghetti Noodle with lashings of tomato pasta sauce.

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