The never ending question of the quality of BlueHost support. BlueHost Support, I am currently writing this as I wait for my support from BlueHost support staff named Mecerdees to come back to me after he or she accepted the chat invitation. So far I have re-written this paragraph twice and we am still waiting. If you wait for support with these people you must pick the correct time and pick your support staff carefully.

Since 2008 I have been a paid up member of BlueHost and I have to say its been an interesting ride. At first when you join any server its a huge learning curve and you will be online all the time looking for support to your questions and lack of knowledge. If you are a beginner you will more than likely join onto a shared server and most items are taken care of by the host server for you.
Just wait until you need a VPS or virtual private server and then your flying solo. This is when picking your online support staff is vital.

Striking anyone with a name from central Asia may prove fatal here

Read the signals from the beginning of the chat. Look at that name and the canned text they have inputted. Yes the first part is all pre-written and they all have their own style.

Lets face it some of these people are up in the morning or evenings answering our stupid dumb ass questions that they can answer blindfolded.  They also follow a rule book that says how much they can are cant do for you (the client) Others are having a great day and will bend over backwards to assist us with our dumb ass questions.

On a whole if you are answered by someone with a Western name please suck up to them as they will more than likely enjoy it and they lap up the compliments. Play stupid the entire time and pretend that you understand nothing about web-servers, websites and that you were forced to contact them before you destroyed the server and your website. Over exaggerate the situation. They are after the review at the end so make them work for it.

In the same situation from my experience if someone with a name from central Asia answers your call they will have the rule book in hand and you are in a world of pain so start learning to navigate your Cpanel and WHM quick smart as they will make you do all the work while they sit back with a cup of tea. What is the point of support if you have to do all the work. Its not support at all.

Quite honestly and all jokes aside these poor folk whether Central Asian or Western have a moderately thankless task and many folk contacting them can be abusive at some point or another. So tread carefully and ensure you make the entry to the chat light and you are stupid.

You know nothing about web-servers

 This is always your motto when contacting live support at BlueHost and swear that if they let you in there is will be damaged beyond repair. Its probably not far from the truth in reality

Remember be funny, scared, courteous, and play dumb

Lastly if they leave you waiting too long click close chat and leave a bad review. Simply they shouldn’t enter a chat if they cant answer you.

BlueHost Support