Friday, May 25, 2018
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Graeme Cooke

Graeme Cooke Japan Car exporter
Graeme Cooke Japan Car exporter

I have learned that what is important in life is not listening to the bullshit that comes with it. We are all born equal but what we do with this equality is the challenge we all face, and after all these years not listening to the crap and accepting who I am has paid dividends for me.

It’s not a status thing. Status is great and having items is fun, great, egotistical or whatever else goes with it. Its learning that counts and every day I learn and embrace that new knowledge. One thing I cant learn is a new language.

Many years ago I tried learning german and then japanese, both times i failed.

I now live in Japan and still cant speak Japanese after 18 years. My point is that we all have talents no matter what and we are born with certain skills. I found my skill set and it was not learning languages. Find your talent and make the most of it. Never blame others if you dont try.

Oh and about me! I have nothing to say 🙂 And my writing skill is close to shocking.